Find Out How to Hide Files on Mac

The best way that you can keep your files safe manually is to encrypt them and then add a password protect folder option. This can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Open Disk Utility. If you are not familiar with where to find this, search it on your computer
  2. Click: File
  3. Click: New
  4. Click: Disk Image From Folder
  5. Choose the folder that you would like to encrypt
  6. Click: Image
  7. For the Image Format, Choose: Read/write
  8. For Encryption, Choose: 128-AES encryption
  9. Type in your desired password
  10. Be sure to check the box: Remember password in my keychain (without this the encryption will be useless
  11. The password-protected folder will be created and you can delete the original, unprotected version
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To access the file, you now only have to click the .dmg version and the password access box will pop up. Any files that you put into this folder after you have completed these processes will be encrypted and protected as well.

While this is a good way to go about protecting your private information and files, there is an easier and more effective option. Rather than learning how to add a password to a folder, you can download Hider 2 and let the password protection software do it for you.

Password Protection Software With Hider 2

What makes Hider 2 the best option for password protect folders on Mac and more is that it is the most reliable option available online today. This is an application that has become known as the Fort Knox of digital storage because the app carries out many processes to ensure the security of your files. These include:


Knowing how to hide files on your Mac starts with knowing that programs like Hider 2 are available. This is an application that can first be downloaded for free so that you can test it out. From there, you can choose to subscribe to the application and keep it on your Mac forever. The days of searching: “How do I password protect a folder manually?” are over when you have such a convenient app doing the hard work for you.

The Benefits of Having a Password Protect Folder

When your information is secured by the most well known protection app available, you will be able to enjoy even more benefits than the obvious security.

Peace of Mind – Rather than being paranoid about a virus getting into your system, being hacked by another user or having your files copied without your knowledge, Hider 2 will let you relax. Knowing that your personal information cannot be accessed will make keeping important details on your Mac much easier.

No Accidents – Whether you share a computer with a spouse or your kids, having a folder that only you have the password to means that it cannot be snooped through, and it cannot be changed without your knowledge.  This also means that the files cannot be accidentally deleted by anyone that is trying to be helpful by cleaning up the files on the computer.

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